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Applications for the European Seal of e-Excellence 2013 are now open!

Applications for the European Seal of e-Excellence 2013 are open since yesterday until the 30 November 2012. The European Seal of e-Excellence rewards ICT and Digital Media companies with an excellent track record in innovation marketing. The prize have been awarded annually since 2003 by EMF and its Partner Organisations at the CeBIT, and is widely known for distinguishing companies with innovative products & services and outstanding marketing.

More information and applications

5 September 2012

European Seal of e-Excellence 2013

Apply now! 

If your company has an excellent track record in marketing its innovative products and services, apply for the Seal 2013 and gain visibility through this prestigious label of excellence.

Awarded for the 11th time since 2003 by EMF and its Partners, the Seal is widely known for recognizing ICT and digital media companies with:

1. innovative products and services;
2. a proven track-record of excellence in their marketing,

in particular outside their home market.

Apply now online at

to become part of the exclusive club of 200+ winners companies.
Consult the 2012 winners brochure here

Applications are accepted until 30 November 2012.
We would like to thank our sponsors

  Seal Partners

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Winners of the European Seal of e-Excellence 2012 awarded  on 6 March at the CeBIT



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