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PIN - SME    What si PIN-SME ?  Qu'est-ce que PIN-SME ?

 Getting heard in EuropeEurope’s ICT markets are driven increasingly by what goes on in Brussels. For ICT SMEs to influence these developments, it’s essential that our voice is heard. Our views must be clear, strong and unanimous.
Large, multinational enterprises invest millions of euros in lobbying the European institutions. Intellectual property rights, ICT standards, software patents, financial incentives for digital literacy, and funds for research and innovation are just some of the areas where they have used their muscle to shape the debate.
Yet well over half of the ICT market is accounted for by SMEs. By joining together we can help ensure that future European legislation is favourable to the vast majority of ICT suppliers, not just a minority of multinational enterprises.

Defending interests of SMEsSeveral industry associations claim to talk on behalf of ICT SMEs and to defend your interests. Look a little deeper, however, and you’ll find that these organisations are bankrolled by multinationals. Not surprisingly, then, they only pay lip service to the real needs of small and medium-sized businesses.
PIN-SME is run by SMEs for SMEs. We are the only European Association that exclusively represents SMEs within the ICT sector. We are a member of UEAPME, the European Association of SMEs, which is a recognised social partner of the European Union. UEAPME is the employers’ organisation representing crafts, trades and SMEs from the EU and accession countries at European level. UEAPME has 84 member organisations, which represent crafts and SMEs across Europe, covering over 12 million enterprises with 50 million employees. What’s more, our members are associations from across Europe each representing small and medium-sized ICT enterprises within national or regional markets. So we understand your interests because they’re our interests too!
Accessing European Funds for SMEs

ICT rightfully receives a high priority under European programmes. It is the largest thematic area for research funding and also features in European programmes for innovation, education & training and regional development.

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